Ori Tahiti Singapore

Tahitian dance is more than leisure, this is passion.

Our Dance School

Our school is all about dancers! Founded in 2013, the school started with passionate dancers led by Heiata, an instructor from Tahiti.

Photo by Lim Vern Yew
Our mission

Our goal is to spread the Polynesian spirit and promote the Polynesian culture.

Our logo

Using traditional Polynesian tattoo, or Tatau, designs, the ‘Ori Tahiti Singapore logo represents everything the school stands for – dance, strength, love and humility.

The logo comprises three parts. The base represents the femininity, passion and beauty of the dancers forming the solid foundation of the school. On top of that, the trunk of the logo represents home and family, symbolizing the feelings of closeness among the dancers. Finally, the design at the top represents divinity and ancestry, used as a means to pay homage to the dance itself.

Photo by Lim Vern Yew
Our instructor

Fully dedicated to Polynesian culture!

Heiata has learned her craft from master teachers in Tahiti established ‘Ori Tahiti Singapore to spread her passion for Tahitian dance and culture.

Our performances

We do performances and workshops for companies and we also cater for private events as well.

Please contact us for further queries and a quotation.

We have the support of the community and the following have already trusted us: People’s Association, Va’a Team France SG, ADEX, Sunshine Nation, Kaneka, French Association, Alliance Fran├žaise, JUMP! Foundation, Ministry of Social and Family Development, JTB Pte. Ltd., Total Pte. Ltd., Frasers Hospitality, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Arup Pte. Ltd., National Library, Nanyang Technology University.